Privacy Policy

Our website is dedicated to safeguarding our users' privacy rights. As a result, we develop and maintain a privacy compliance structure under which our users can obtain information and exercise their rights related to their information and privacy on an ongoing basis.

Our privacy policy is intended to tell you about the data we collect, how we use it, and your choices regarding specific data use. For your convenience, we've simplified the most important aspects of our complete privacy policy below.

Visitors to our website are subject to our privacy policies. The purpose of this summary is to present you with the highlights in an easy-to-understand format. The complete version of our privacy policy, on the other hand, is the one that is legally obligatory.

The Data We Gather and How We Use It: When you visit our websites, we gather information about your visit, your interaction with content, the site from which you came and where you're going, and some extra technical information about the device and system from which you're accessing the services. The phone number from which you made the call may be collected for a short duration of up to 3 months if you choose to utilize a "click to call" service we may provide.

We will not share your information unless we are required to by law, or as required to provide you with our websites and services.

Privacy Policy

This privacy policy ("Privacy Policy") is intended to describe our website's ("the website," "we," "our," or "us") data collection practices in connection with this site (including its subdomains, features, and services), as well as your use or engagement with any feature, content, offer, element, or service we make available to you via the Site (the "Services"). The section and sub-section headings used below are for reading convenience only (and are not meant to be interpreted), and we hope they make it easier to navigate this Privacy Policy.

We retain the right to modify this Privacy Policy at any moment at our sole and absolute discretion. In such an event, we'll update the Privacy Policy on the Site, and the "Last Updated" statement at the bottom will reflect the new version's effective date. Following that date, any access or use of the Site constitutes your consent and acceptance of the modified Privacy Policy. If we make significant changes, we will notify you in a more prominent manner, such as by posting a notice on the Site, several days before the changes take effect. In that instance, the modifications will take effect seven (7) days following the publication of the notification.

Information We Collect

Information You Provide to Us. Some of the Services will require you to provide or submit certain Personal Information in order to be able to use them. Some of the features and/or services that require you to provide Personal Information are subject to your specific and active consent (e.g. newsletters which may become available in certain Sites from time to time, promotional material and forms) and choice, and some will be collected upon your consent to this Privacy Policy, as described below.

For the purposes of this Privacy Policy, "Personal Information" means information that may be used, either alone or in combination with other information, to personally identify an individual, such as a first and last name, an email address, phone number, a home or other physical address, and other contact information. In some jurisdictions and given the specific use we make with the information, the IP address that your Internet service provider allocates for your device may also be considered as Personal Information. In which case, we will be treating the information as personal in all handling and safeguarding aspects, however, we do not make any use of such information for user identification or personalization purposes.

Third Party Forms and Services: The Site lists, rates, and compares various 3rd party businesses, brands, and commercial entities (collectively, "Partners") and their respective products and/or services (collectively, "Products"). We may, from time to time, provide you with offers, services, and Products of Partners via an online form to be filled by you, upon your intent choice and consent, and such information will be used to facilitate your connection and/or engagement with the relevant Partner ("Lead"). Additionally, if you want to receive more information about a Partner or a Product, or if you otherwise want to pursue a transaction with a Partner, and you click the relevant Partner icon or tab, you may be directed to a landing page or an online form that is owned and operated by the Partner (the "Landing Page"); similarly, you may also be directed to the Landing Page through other websites and online searches. In either case, however, you may be prompted to submit certain information on the Landing Page, including Personal Information such as your name, email address, and phone number (such information collectively, "Landing Page Info"). The Landing Page Info that you submit is collected directly by the Partner who provided it and will include its own privacy policy and data collection practices information. We advise you to refer to such a privacy policy to better understand the purpose of collection and use of the Personal Information you submit.

Contact Us. If you send us a ‘Contact Us’ (or similar) request, whether by submitting an online form that we make available, by sending an email to an email address that we display, by using a feedback or reporting feature that is available on the Site, or by other means, you may be required to provide us with certain Personal Information, such as your name and email address. Such information, including the content of your approach, will be used for the purposes of processing and addressing your request and for our legitimate business purposes.

Blogs, Newsletters, Surveys, and Promotions. The Site may contain a blog forum, reviews, and articles displaying information about our services, Partners, Products, and the relevant market vertical. The Site may also offer you the opportunity to subscribe to newsletters and participate in surveys and other promotional activities (some of which may be administered by us, and some of which may be administered by third-party services with which we engage). In each of the foregoing cases, your interaction (such as responding on the blog forum, subscribing to a newsletter, or participating in a survey) may require you to provide certain Personal Information such as your name and email address. In which case, your submission of information will also be provided directly to such third party and will be used according to this privacy policy as well as such third party’s own privacy policy, and for the purpose for which you provided the information.

Information We Collect from You

We collect information about your use of the Services and your interaction with the Site or the Services, as follows, and in the following ways:

Device Information: For delivering and compatibility purposes, so as for language, geographic location, and time zone, we collect device information such as device type and version, operating system type, language and version, and information that can be extracted out of a user agent, such as browser type and version, screen resolution.

Interactions and Usage: In order to provide the Services, operate the Site, and keep improving it, so as to be able to sync with our partners and affiliates, we collect information about your interaction and use of the Services, such as URLs from which you were directed to the Site and to which you are referred from the Site, internal URL’s of the Site in which you visited and your actions with respect to the Services (such as a view or click), date/time stamp of Site use, the timing for clicks and page-views.

Log Files: We collect information through server log files, but also by deploying tracking technologies within the Site, such as pixel tags. We do this to analyze trends, track users’ engagement and interaction with the Site and respective Services. The type of information collected may include internet protocol (IP) addresses that your Internet Service Provider allocated to your device. We collect IP for a limited time and for specific purposes. One is to better understand your geographic location (country, region, and language) and therefore be able to provide the Services in your own language and relevant to your place of origin. Second, we use automated tools to analyze IP addresses and flag those that are fraudulent.

Cookies and Similar Technologies. The Site may use "cookies" and other anonymous web tracking technologies (such as "web beacons" and "pixel tags") implemented by us or by third-party service providers. A cookie is a small file containing a string of characters that is sent to your computer when you visit a website. When you visit the website again, the cookie allows that website to recognize your browser. Cookies may store your online preferences and other information about the interaction you make on the Site. You can reset your browser to refuse all cookies or to indicate when a cookie is being sent to your browser. However, some features or services, included in the Site, may not function properly without cookies, and some features may become unavailable for you in such cases. A pixel tag is a type of technology placed on a website for the purpose of tracking activity on websites, or when emails are opened or accessed (if applicable), and is often used in combination with cookies.

Information we receive from Third Parties

Like many Internet-based services, the Site and the Services are operated and provided in collaboration, sync, and interaction with third parties, including Partners, affiliates, and other third parties. In order to enable and facilitate such sync, we may receive information from third parties, such as an internal user identifier that our system generates for each user (not a unique identifier), and the summary of action taken by you (click, purchase, view, form submission or a phone call). On some Sites, you will be able – upon your choice – to consume the Service on a click-by-call basis. In which case, a third-party vendor/s facilitates the call transmission, tracking, and feedback for success. In such cases, the phone number from which you called may be provided to us (with no other information about you attached), for a limited time and for purposes of resolving referrals and successful calls with our Partners. Except for this purpose, we do not make any other use of such information, unless you will give us your explicit consent.

Consent, Choice, and Modifications

You are not legally obligated to provide us with Personal Information (and you acknowledge that providing us with Personal Information is done freely). Nor are you required to use the Site in the first place. By using the Site and engaging or interacting with the Services, you consent to this Privacy Policy and to our information practices described herein. If you do not agree to this Privacy Policy, please do not access or otherwise use the Site or the Services.

Some of the Services will require you to submit specific Personal Information. In such a case, you can choose whether you want to use such Services or not. Be aware that even if you provided us with your Personal Information, you have the full right to withdraw such consent at any time.

The Way We Use Personal Information

In addition to the uses of information we collect (including Personal Information, jointly "your Information") described elsewhere in this Privacy Policy, we also use Personal Information in the following ways: To generally provide you with the Site, Services and constantly improve them. We will use your information to (a) administer and make available the Site and Services to you; (b) further develop and generally improve the Site and the Services; (c) count and track purposes of referrals and Ads (as defined under section ‎5); (d) validation of users as human and anti-fraud monitoring (e) respond to your inquiries and other communications with you; (f) identify or authenticate your access and use of the Site.

Sharing Your Information with Third Parties

We do not share Personal Information about you with third parties, except for the following circumstances:

Data Storage and Security Platforms ("Data Platforms"); We use third-party cloud and storage services to store and retain your Information. It means that we send or otherwise share your Information to/with third party entities that are located anywhere in the world, including in the U.S, for the purpose of storing such information on our behalf, or for other processing needs. Such entities include Amazon Web Services (which privacy policy available at:, and Xplenty (which privacy policy available at:, both are Privacy Shield certified. These Data Platforms may be located anywhere in the world. We use Data Platforms that maintain strict privacy protection and data security policies, and strict compliance with applicable data protection laws. However, their practices and activities are fully governed by their own privacy policies.

Social Media Platforms. We may share not-identified information with social media platforms (such as Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.) for marketing and operation purposes. Such social media platforms may collect your Personal Information independently and may combine the not-identified information provided by us, with your Personal Information which they collect to which you gave your separate and independent consent. Any such action and any personal Information that may derive from it is subject to the social media's own privacy policy and is not, governed, controlled, or known by us.

Other Third Parties. We may send or otherwise share your Information to/with various third parties that help us with our business operations (for example, customer service operators and email or phone administration providers), that help us understand how our users use the Site and Services, operate them and to improve them. These third parties may have their own privacy policies that they adhere to, and we require them to make it available whenever their services are provided. We recommend you revisit such privacy policies when those third parties render their services directly to you. Also, these third parties may be based (and their servers may be located) anywhere in the world.

Enforcement. We may share your Personal Information with any third party if we believe that disclosure of such information is helpful or reasonably necessary to (a) comply with any applicable law, regulation, legal process, or governmental request; (b) enforce our Terms of Use, including investigation of potential violations thereof; (c) detect, prevent, or otherwise address fraud or security issues; and/or (d) protect against harm to the rights, property or safety of the website, our affiliated entities, our users, yourself, and/or the public.

Partners and Products. The Services may include submission of an online form, in case you will choose and be interested to receive additional information about one service or another ("Online Form"). In which case, we may send your Online Form information or otherwise share it to/with the Partner about whom (or about whose Product) you wanted to receive more information or with which you have expressed interest in pursuing a transaction (the "Corresponding Partner" and "Corresponding Product", respectively), for such Corresponding Partner to contact you back with the information you have requested. If your submission of an Online Form information was not in respect of a specific Partner or Product that you clicked through, then we may send or otherwise share your Online Forms information to a Partner that provides services or products similar in nature to your request. In either case, you acknowledge that: (a) the Partners may contact you using the Online Form information which you submitted; (b) we do not control the way in which Partner may contact you, or the subject matter of such contact; and (c) each Partner is required to provide its own privacy policy, and so it would not necessarily adhere to this Privacy Policy, and (d) Partners may be based (and their servers may be located) anywhere in the world.

Merger, Sale, or Bankruptcy. In the event that the website or one of our affiliated entities is acquired by or merged with, a third party entity, or otherwise sells all or part of our/its assets, we may (and hereby reserve the right to) transfer or assign the Personal Information and other information we have collected or received. In such a case, we will require the acquiring entity to post its data practices and provide you with any of your rights as per the jurisdiction of your residency.

We may also share some non-Personal Information with the following type of third parties and under the following circumstances, :

Third parties we engage or host or provide us with services and features we can offer to you collect data from the Site and visitors’ engagement with the content and features on our behalf, or for the provisioning of their services. This happens in cases where we use or deploy third-party technology, service, or feature, or where we otherwise give these third parties access to our Site or technology for specific purposes, as described in the Privacy Policy or in the Site. We may use analytics tools, including Google Analytics and Tableau. These tools help us understand users’ behavior on our Site and Services, including by tracking page content, and click/touch, movements, scrolls, and keystroke activities. The privacy practices of these tools are subject to their own policies and they may use their own cookies to provide their services.

Non-US Users

We may transfer your Information (including Personal Information) outside the country in which it is collected or in which you reside (e.g., to the United States), including to a country that may not offer the same level of protection for Personal Information as of the country in which you reside. However, in which case we make sure to place all contractual safeguards (such as verification of Privacy Shield Certification) to ensure your Information is processed in a way that offers an adequate level of protection when it is shared between or among our third-party vendors. By providing Personal Information and using the Services, you expressly consent to the use of such information in accordance with this Privacy Policy and to the transfer of your Information to another country (including e.g., the United States).


Protecting your privacy online is an evolving practice, and we use our best efforts to evolve our Site in a manner that meets these requirements and best practices as per all jurisdictions in which the Site is available.